VSB Study Abroad & International Internships

Today I attended the VSB Study Abroad & International Internships information session for students. The purpose of the session was to inform students of the various programs offered by the Office of International Studies, what to expect from the programs, and the next steps to take in order to become a part of a program. The program that interested me most was the international business internship in Spain because I’ve always wanted to visit Spain and an international internship would providing an interesting look at the way another culture does business.

Part of the presentation today discussed that studying abroad is about expanding your comfort zone and enhancing your education as a Villanova student. Based on this, studying in Spain interests me most because it will be a step out of an English speaking country that I’m used to and will force me to try new things and therefore expand my comfort zone. The programs offered are not a break from a Villanova education but rather an extension of it and will be very valuable in increasing what I get out of my education. Also, an international internship will be a good addition to a resume and will be an interesting topic of discussion for a job interview.